I wasn’t in a celebratory mood today.

Pretty sure my earlier post reflected that.

I couldn’t quite figure out why, though. I mean, today was a historic day.

For women. For women of color. For black women. For black women who went to HBCUs, were raised by single moms, and…

It’s the start of a new era.

It’s a return to normalcy.

The beginning of the rest of our lives.

I hate to burst your bubble, but none of the above are true.

Let me offer an analogy to help explain my ‘why’.

Let’s say that 4 years ago you…

I’ve been meditating a lot on leadership lately.

On what it means, on how you come to be one, on the leaders I respect and admire.

It’s not for nothing. I’ve been in a leadership training class at work for almost 6 months now. So it’s a theme that I’m…


To be honest,everybody from Macon is irresistible.

Little Richard just packaged it best. Better than anybody before him did or after him will. I can’t say it was his music that got me to know and love him. The music was brilliant, no doubt. It was like celebratory fact. ‘Tutti Frutti’ (oh, Ruuudy!) was as indelible as…


This is due to the social obligation that female-bodied humans have to conform, to be acceptable according to a narrow set of standards. To be quiet, polite, tucked in, soft, predictable and tamed.

The true nature of woman — just as it is with all of nature, all of creation…

Food has always been important to me.

Not just the consuming of it, but the cooking of it. More recently, food has grown in its importance in my mind because I’ve come to see it as a primary vehicle of culture.

How Food Defines A Culture
When you think of other…

So, what’s it like there?
I heard that Spain isn’t a good place for black people.
I heard that Spanish guys loooove black women!
I heard that Spain is one of the most racist countries in Europe.

The questions come from many places. Family back home. Friends of friends who…

What Real Police Reform Would Look Like

It’s obvious that what we’ve been doing to change law enforcement in this country for the past couple of decades isn’t working. Police departments have proven incapable of or unwilling to effectively self-regulate. Waiting until an egregious or lethal case of police abuse occurs to force individual police departments to…

The Brave New World of Police Reform

The typical order of events after a highly publicized fatal police shooting looks like this:

1. The Department of Justice (or another external third party agency) comes in and does a detailed investigation of the police department’s policies, personnel and processes.

2. The DOJ either prosecutes the department for civil…

Cincinnati’s Unique Model for Police Reforms

Timothy Thomas was 19 when he was shot and killed by a Cincinnati police officer in 2001. He was unarmed, and was shot while running away from the officer. Thomas had over a dozen open arrest warrants when he was killed; most of them for failure to pay traffic tickets…

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culture commentator. digital & diversity leader. travel enthusiast. food lover. read more at: kishasolomon.com

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